Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Willem Dafoe

Even though I'm not great at it, I love painting faces.   When I'm messing around with some little detail, something that seems unimportant, suddenly that detail makes the whole face look right.  Getting the eye's centered just right, or a tiny line around the mouth that sets off the whole expression...  I like when it suddenly comes to life.

Today I was inspired by Willem Dafoe.

12" x 12" x 0.5" acrylic on canvas

Love his face.  His cheekbones, his jaw...  very distinctive features.  And it seems like he can go normal / handsome
Dafoe in Mississippi Burning

or odd and scary.
so creepy

Sorry my painting doesn't do him justice.  It ended up looking like a Clint Eastwood / Willem Dafoe mug-shot mashup.

I googled him to find a picture, and ended up finding this interview he did.

I've never heard of The Old Woman.  It's got Dafoe and Mikhail Baryshnikov.  Now I want to see it.

That interview and some of his quotes on IMDB made me like him even more.  Seems like he is creative and good at what he does, but also low-key and grounded.  You go, Willem Dafoe.