Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Storm field

12" x 12" x 0.5" acrylic on canvas 
I haven't been great about finishing paintings lately.  Not sure if I'll finish any of them, or if I'll just end up painting over them.  But this guy is finito.  Dark stormy clouds rolling over field.  Little beams of sunshine are coming through where the clouds break up on the horizon.  

Spring is really unleashing a lot of awesome flowers right now.  I can't stop taking pictures in our yard and when I walk the dog.   If you wanna see my random snaps, I'm putting some of the prettier ones on Instagram now.    There's also a sample of my recent instagrams over on the right.  I'm just about over Facebook, so maybe I'll tip-toe away and just read blogs and look at pictures on Insta.  Maybe.

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