Friday, April 10, 2015

Final destination: sunset cheese

Last night, I noticed an orange glow out the window and said to Nate "Ooh,  I think there's a good sunset brewing. I'll go check." So I opened our front door to see this glorious sunset.  
as seen from our front porch last night

I yelled back to him "oh yeah!", inadvertently sounding like the kool-aide man.   

Pretty soon Nate came out, repeating my "oh yeah!"  And he had a plate of cheeses - a nice little selection of fancy-ish ones.

Then a thunderstorm started gearing up.  So we sat there on the porch eating cheese and saying "oh yeah! " for good lightning & thunder.   Suddenly, one flashed right overhead really loud and scared us. 

Susan: oh that was scary
Nate: yeah, I thought that was it!
Susan: it?  Like we were getting struck dead by lightning?
Nate: yeah!
Susan: Ha!  How perfect would that be if we went out like that: struck by lightning while yelling "oh yeah" and eating cheese on our front porch? 
Nate & Susan: lolol! Nom nom nom (mmm cheese)

Our obit would be like "The couple was found on their front porch with a plate of melted cheese.  They are survived by 4 elderly pets.  Considering the pet situation and the consequently dire state of their carpet,  authorities are considering it a public service that the house was struck down by God.  In lieu of flowers,  please treat yo'self to some fancy cheese and a cocktail of your choice."

Hmm, I don't really have a painting tie in to this story.   Here is an old sunset painting of mine.  I wish this was our porch view.
12" x 12" x 0.75" acrylic on canvas

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