Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter survival strategies

my latest: "Winter Approaches"  10"x8"x0.5" acrylic on canvas

Here comes winter. Too bad it comes barging in a month early and hangs around for 5 months.  Too much!  Cold combined with darkness... it can be a struggle to do much more than hibernate on the couch under all the blankets.  Ultimately, I would love to get to where we could "snow bird" (yes, like we're 70, I don't care) or just move south permanently.  In the mean time, here are some of my favorite strategies for keeping my chin up during the season of horrid cold death and darkness.

Pensacola, Florida
Plan a warm getaway for January / February-ish
Big or small, anything will do.   A luxurious week in Mexico,  a quick jaunt to Virginia Beach for President's Day weekend....  The key is to start planning something now so that once the holiday whirlwind is over, there is still something in winter to look forward to.  It won't feel so much like "ugh, now there's nothing but 2+ months of bleakness".

get some sunshine

Learn to ski, ice skate, or snowboard
One year we got season passes to Snow Trails and joined a ski club.    They have sledding with a tow rope, too, if you just want the fun without the falling down.   If you want more of a get-away, you could book a ski weekend at a bigger ski resort. We like Holiday Valley and Seven Springs.  Winter is the time for snow sports, so you might as well give them a try.  If you have fun, it kind of tricks your brain into thinking "oh good, snow!"

snow is your "friend"

Join or start a winter club or league.  
A league working towards a finale or championship gives a sense of the winter progressing.  For many years, we were in a bowling league with our neighbors.  A card club (euchre, poker...) or a roaming dinner thing would be fun, too.  Anything that is automatically on your schedule to get you out of the house and seeing your friends without planning and thinking each time is good.  It has to be easy, because even simple things can seem not worth the effort in the dead of winter.

get together with friends

I have a few more strategies up my sleeve.  Ones that don't involve leaving the house.  Why don't you mull these over, and in a few days, I'll post about library eBooks, spring fitness goal spreadsheets, and Hoarders.

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