Thursday, November 20, 2014

More winter strategies for not going stir crazy

'Winter Sunset' 8"x10"x0.5" acrylic on canvas

So what do you do on the days you're snowed in to stave off the cabin fever?  I've been painting snowy landscapes.  Here's one I just finished.  I like all the colors I put on the tree bark, and the colors of the cold pale sky.

Here's some more of my go-to happy winter activities...

De-clutter your house
Lets be honest, there is a good amount of crap that quietly accumulates in our houses that is just junk.  Don't save it up for a spring garage sale.  It's not worth it.  Pitch it and feel the freedom.   Watch an episode of Hoarders if you need motivation.  If something is truly useful and in very good shape, but you never wear or use it, put it out for AmVets to pick up.  Be RUTHLESS.  If it was that awesome, you would have worn it / used it / done it / whatever by now.  When I de-clutter, it usually leads to reorganizing and rearranging, too.  Just yesterday I weeded out some coffee mugs and kitchen stuff we don't need and then reorganized my kitchen cabinets.  Feels so good.

Check e-books out of the library
How do I combine my love of reading with my love of not leaving the house?  E-books.  You can buy them online, or you can check them out for FREE from the library.  The first time is a little confusing, but then it's easy peasy.  
Your library probably has eBooks through OverDrive.   You can go to your library's website and follow their links, or you can go to the OverDrive website directly.    Here is their quick step by step help page.

For my Kindle, I go to the OverDrive site and use their Advanced Search.  I like to get right down to brass tacks and specify exactly what I'm looking for: Kindle format, available now, in English, biographies.
Once I find a book I want, I click "borrow it", and then they ask me to choose my library and enter my library card number.
Then I click to download the Kindle version of the book...

and I'm automatically sent to my Amazon account where I click "get library book".

It shows up in  my Kindle in seconds.  (through the magic of wireless internet)

You don't have to worry about driving to the library or getting them back on time.   They take the book away automatically.  So great for taking tons of books on vacation, too.

Set a spring fitness goal
As soon as the first crocus blooms, I wanna do David Lee Roth high kicks and sprint down the street.  Start training now so you can hit the ground running come spring.
I like to sign up for the Cap City Half Marathon, which is always the first weekend in May.  It feels like a huge victory lap for conquering winter.
my first half mary in 2012

To make it to my goal, I make a spreadsheet laying out the weeks between now and May, and break down the mileage I need to be gaining week by week in order to be ready. It gives me a sense of progressing towards something.
I like Zumba, too

If you don't like running (or the treadmill), then for heaven's sake don't set a running goal.  Walking?  Cycling?  Something you won't dread.   Signing up for an event that's on the edge of your abilities puts the fear in you when you'd otherwise be unmotivated.  Set a big goal!  Why not.

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