Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holiday Valley

Holiday Valley is a ski resort in Ellicottville, New York.   We've driven up there many times for a long ski weekend.  Gotta break up the long bleak winter somehow.

Ellicottville is a really quaint tiny village.  We always drive downtown at least once for shopping and dinner.   The Barn is a favorite dinner spot.
The Barn
I grew up in upstate New York.  Winter is harsh and beautiful there. The air is so crisp...  I forget a little until we go back.

My favorite ski lift at Holiday Valley is the Tannenbaum.  So peaceful and beautiful.  The trees create an almost magical tunnel of solitude.  Since this picture, they've upgraded the lift to an express quad.  I kinda miss the slow ride through the trees.

Of course, coming back down is the fun part.  I'm happy to putter down the green and blue hills making nice slow S's.    Black diamond is a little beyond my skill and knee comfort zone.

I need to complain about winter less and appreciate it's good parts more.  If I didn't feel trapped by it, that might help.  It can't all be ski weekends and Christmas eve, but sparkly white snowfall is kinda dreamy.  Here's my painting of a snowy night at Holiday Valley
10"x8"x0.5" acrylic on canvas

TONIGHT!  I'm going to The Party Studio to paint with a friend!  She's bringing snacks, I'm bringing wine, and we're going to paint a tree-lined path.  Can't wait!

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