Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Occasionally, I'll do a watercolor

Acrylic paint is my jam right now.  But now and then I'll try a little watercolor action.  A friend wanted some watercolor paintings to choose from to use as wine bottle labels.  He's developing Happy Lake Resort and winery and is playing around with ideas.  He was looking for a specific type of scene: someone in a boat or maybe on a dock, fishing and drinking wine,  more into the wine than the fishing.  So I did a couple of sketches...

and ended up with this:
Chillaxing on Happy Lake
Having a request with guidelines was fun.  Like a Project Runway challenge.  And it got me out of my acrylics rut.   (p.s. I think there is time to get more ideas to him if you paint and would like to be considered)

Here's a watercolor I never finished.   It's based off a photo I took in Quebec.
See the original photo?  Yes, I went to Quebec before digital cameras existed.
What was I thinking attempting something so detailed?  There's no way I have the attention span to finish this thing.   Maybe I'll finish it someday when I have more patience.  And skill.  

My husband, on the other hand, has much more patience than I do.  He has done some watercolors that I love.  Here's one based off a photo I took in Jupiter Island, Florida:
Jupiter Island mansion

Watercolor is so beautiful.  Yet for some reason it don't gravitate towards it as much.  It's like the yoga of painting to me.   I try it a little, and it's great, but too much and I have aggression issues.  I love heart pumping cardio and I love piling bright blobs of paint in an impatient manner.  Yah!!

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