Saturday, October 25, 2014

Charleston - history, horses, and ghosts

During our Kiawah trip, we spent one day in Charleston.  It was a quick 30 minute drive from our cottage, so we headed down without much of a plan, hit up the visitor's center for some maps, and started exploring.
down one alley we found a quiet courtyard
I loved seeing all of the gorgeous old neighborhoods and historical buildings.  We spent some time on Market street checking out artist and retail booths. Church Street had some of my favorite old houses.
a cute little door I spotted on Church St.
If you wanted to see the sights without too much walking, there were a lot of bicycle rickshaws and horse & buggy tours.  There was a big horse presence in the area.  (and all the accoutrements.  don't step in that yellow puddle.)
A horse picture would be good here.  Too bad I didn't take any.  Here's another door on Church St.
Instead of taking informative pictures of the area, my phone seems to be full of close ups of cute details on the houses.
loving this finial
The one thing we did plan ahead was we reserved a spot on a "Ghosts of the South" candlelit walking tour.   The tour guide had ghost pictures and ghost stories, but we didn't get to meet any ghosts ;-)    The stories were really good, though, and I liked hearing anecdotes about some of Charleston's noteworthy buildings.
a church on the ghost tour
On the ghost tour and on our own, we walked by all these fascinating old graveyards.  I think every church we saw had an adjacent cemetery.  Perfect inspiration for a Halloween painting.

10"x8"x0.5" acrylic on canvas
Twisted tree casts his spell of leaves over ghost graves in the night.  boo!

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