Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paint and drink review: Wine and Canvas

I go to paint and drink events less frequently now that I paint at home, but I still love to go with friends.   I thought I'd start posting reviews...

Wine and Canvas
This was the first paint and drink company I heard of.  I saw people on facebook being tagged at these events and thought "I have got to go to one of those".

My first ever paint & drink event in 2012 with my mom and two friends. (photo credit: Wine & Canvas Columbus)

Events rotate between local restaurants and wineries, and now it looks like they also have a dedicated studio in the mix (at least they do in Columbus).  It's very easy to  glance at the local calendar for your area on their website, zero in on a location / date / painting that appeals to you, and book your reservation.     You can also book private events.

same venue, different artist. (photo credit: Wine & Canvas Columbus)  
When you arrive, they have workstations set up for everyone, including an apron, paints, brushes, easel, and a 20" x 16" canvas.  The canvases are the type that are stretched on a wooden frame and ready to hang.  You can order food or drinks from the establishment it's held at.  (I'm not sure how things work at their private studio.)

do you see me?  I'm holding a tree painting. (photo credit: Wine & Canvas Columbus)

In all of my experiences with them, the instructors have been very clear and have walked us through with fool-proof step by steps.  For example, the instructing artists will say things like "Using your biggest brush and the blue paint, start a line about a hands width from the lower left corner." But they also encourage making the painting your own.  They walk around the room to see how you're doing and advise you more if you want.

I've had a lot of fun at these - the whole room singing along to the 80's music, people getting really creative and silly with their paintings...  They absolutely create a very fun atmosphere.

Their website is well organized and easy to navigate.  I also like their facebook page and how they post pictures from the events.  I don't remember using a coupon with them, but I think they have them from time to time.   It is normally $35 per person.

Ah!  I just noticed they have Cruise and Canvas events!  OMG.  Wow.  I need to go on one of those.

Are there Wine & Canvas events in your area?  Who wants to go on one of these Cruise and Canvas things with me?!

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