Saturday, August 23, 2014

Paint and drink review: Colors & Bottles and The Party Studio

Here are two more reviews of paint and drink events I have attended...

Colors and Bottles
I heard about Colors and Bottles through Wyandotte Winery, who hosts a painting event once a month. I search by venue on the Colors & Bottles website to zero in at what is being offered at the winery.  

Everyone gets an easel, paints, a 16" x 20" canvas, and brushes. The canvas is a flat style that is not ready to hang.  At the watercolor event I attended, we were each provided with paper and a watercolor set (and no easel obviously).  I don't remember ever getting aprons at any of the Colors & Bottles events, not that you really need one.
my watercolor which I embellished more once I got home

Their events rove around to different restaurants and bars, and you can choose your event on their website based on date, painting, and location.

At the three events I've attended, the artist instructors were helpful and encouraging, but not as super-clear step by step as the Wine & Canvas instructors.  Although, I think that's what led me to go more on my own with their paintings which ultimately led to this:

16"x20" acrylic on canvas board

Colors and Bottles events are normally $35 per person.  Once you get on their email list, they will send you special offers and discount codes.  Right now through the end of the month, use the code FLYINGCOLORS for buy one get one free! (offer expired)

The Party Studio
The Party Studio does not rove around to different venues.  They have their own studio  where all of their events are held.  It's a great location with lots room to spread out and lots of windows and  light.  They set you up with an apron, acrylic paint on paper plates, brushes, and your 16" x 20" canvas.  (the ready-to-hang wood framed kind)
last spring, painting with my neighbor (photo credit: The Party Studio)

Another big difference with the Party Studio is they are totally BYOB.  You cannot order refreshments there and are encouraged to bring your own drinks and snacks.  They even have a fridge you can use.  Bringing your own bottle of wine to share sure is cheaper than buying it by the glass.

Their studio has several hair dryers available to speed up drying.  You can dry between layers of paint, or give your painting a quick blast before you go home.
last summer, painting owls (photo credit: The Party Studio)
They have an extremely laid back, fun atmosphere. Music, lots of art on display, and the free-spirited artist instructor really get you in a creative mind-set.

I've seen coupons for them on groupon and living social.  Normally their events are $30 per person.  They also email me offers and special events.  Visit them at Olde Worthington Market Day on Saturday, September 13th to receive a special offer! (offer expired)


  1. Hey, it's Kristi. This is really cool and I'm glad to see there's another Racz painter besides Grandma. Keep up the great work and I'll be checking out your blog more often.

  2. Thanks! We shared a birthday, last name, and love for painting. I still love her Cinque Terre painting :)