Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Other people's photos.  Other people's pins?  Here's a few more of my Pinterest inspired paintings.

inspired by this photo (12"x12"x1.25" acrylic on canvas)

If I'm painting, chances are there's a tree or a beach involved.

inspired by this photo (12"x12"x0.75" acrylic on canvas)
Don't look super close at the reflection, because it's not scientifically accurate.

On the next two,  the proportions ended up a little off.

inspired by this photo (12"x12"x0.75")
I started with the blue tower, and by the time I finished the buildings, there was way too much room left for the street.  The perspective and details had already taken too long, so I got tired of it and left the street plain.  It seems like I lose interest in a painting after about three hours.

inspired by this photo (12"x12"x0.75")
There might be too much sky or too much rock here.  Do real artists sketch out the whole composition first?  Can I sketch pencil on canvas and then paint over it?   I guess I can do whatever I want.

inspired by this photo (12"x12"x0.75")
Ahh, one of my all time favorites.  Whenever I look at this one, my heart aches for Mexico.  Even though I'm not sure where the original photo was taken.  But it reminds me of our trips to Mexico.  That thought led me to realize I should try painting photos from my own travels.

What is your favorite vacation spot?   I'm a beach girl.  Sunshine & ocean all the way.

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  1. My favorite one I've seen thus far is your "mexico, not mexico" inspired painting. I didn't think of the Valintine when I saw this, rather, the trees are almost playing with eachother making me think that this is magical, lighthearted place for lovers.-Kristi