Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maybe I should take some lessons or something

Trying to come up with painting ideas on my own seems pretty hit or miss.  Those paint and drink events make it seem so easy because the whole painting is already thought out.  But on my own, I kind of stall out and lose direction.   So I thought I'd try using photos for inspiration.   Pinterest has a ton of fabulous photos, so I started there.  These were all done with acrylic paint on 12"x12"x.75" canvases.
inspired by this photo
My friend dubbed this one "loner tree".  I really love how the sky turned out.  I think I must have finished this one at night with bad lighting because the foreground ended up more washed out that I thought it would.   The more I look at this, the more I find the tree to be... cheesy? cliche?   Like maybe Kohls would print it on a trivet.  (I should be so lucky)

inspired by this photo
At some point, I had a face painted on the girl.  It was no bueno.  Faceless girl and her bike that fades into nothingness.  Next to mega tree.  Yet I still like it.  Art!

inspired by this photo
This is one of those paintings that, while I was working on it, I thought "this painting is the worrrrrrrst".  So I totally gave up and threw some trees on there that I thought were crappy just to be done.  And then an hour later I went back to look at it again and liked it.  It's not winning any prizes, but you know it's on display in our living room.  The big cloud does bother me a little though.  I should probably take some paint classes so I don't stumble around so long trying to make what I want to happen.

inspired by this photo
Here's another one that I know isn't making it into the Louvre, but I love it.  What's at the end of the tree tunnel?  Maybe Bob Ross.

Do you ever get on Pinterest?  Do you just look around, or do have some of your own pin boards?   Lately, I pin a lot of recipes and things that make me laugh.

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